How to make a prism yourself

step by step guide

Tutorial how to build a hologram pyramid.

  1. Draw a basic trapezoid on a piece of paper using these dimensions:
    1. Parallel sides = 1.4 cm and 7cm
    2. Height = 4.5 cm
  2. Repeat three more times, each time overlap the sides like shown.
  3. Cut carefully received figure by following the outer lines.
  4. Trace out the shape on the plastic sheet using a pen.
  5. Cut carefully the plastic sheet by the outer lines.
  6. Fold the edges and form a pyramid shape. Stick the open edges of the sheet together using sellotape.
  7. Place the hologram pyramid in the middle of your screen like shown. And enjoy the show!

Тhe stuff required to do this are:

  • Paper sheet
  • Тhick transparent acrylic/plastic sheet (you can use plastic sheets used in packaging)
  • Pen
  • Ruler
  • Sellotape
  • Scissors

Make yourself a prism and be amazed by the beauty of crystals. It’s easy and it’s totally worth it!

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